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Each and every Securus associate takes great pride in providing our customers with best-in-class investigative, administrative, and economic benefits through our inmate telecommunications systems and software applications. That pride is multiplied when our customers take the time to let us know how we are doing. The following testimonials tell potential customers far more about the value proposition we deliver than any sales piece could ever do.
  • AIS Jefferson County

    AIS Jefferson County

    The system has drastically reduced the need for staff to handle calls from the public reference information on inmates. The system also is capable of handling many more calls coming in than staff could ever respond to. Inmates can also access their own information which has reduced "kites" by over 50%. Deputies are less distracted by inmates seeking information and can concentrate on their primary duties (safety and security of the facility). The automated system has streamlined inmate information access which has had a direct effect on operational efficiency.

    Jefferson County Sheriff's Detention Facility
  • AIS Laramie County

    AIS Laramie County

    How do we like AIS? We barely answer the phone anymore –there’s your answer.

    Laramie County Detention Facility
  • Call Management Systems - Criminal Organization Eliminated

    Call Management Systems - Criminal Organization Eliminated

    “Since the inception and installation of the inmate phone system to the Intelligence Unit of the Organized Crime Division of Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, we have been able to eliminate a long standing criminal organization engaged in the smuggling of drugs and other contraband items into the detention facility.”

    Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
    Organized Crime & Intelligence Division
  • Client Support - Field Services

    Client Support - Field Services

    "We are impressed with the timeliness of the maintenance staff in responding to our maintenance requests. We are most appreciative of the equipment and support from all your staff in helping us understand this system and what it can do for us."

    Sullivan County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office
  • Call Management Systems - Ease of Operation

    Call Management Systems - Ease of Operation

    “ I would like to take the opportunity to express my satisfaction with the inmate phone and monitoring system we obtained from you. It has been a very easy system to operate, especially since it could be configured to work with our current inmate commissary program. Furthermore, the monitoring system has been instrumental in assisting us to solve or otherwise satisfactorily conclude several criminal investigations."

    Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office
  • System Installation - Seamless Cut-over

    System Installation - Seamless Cut-over

    “On 21 March, the installation phase of the contract between San Mateo County and your company was completed. As the project progressed, the status updates provided to me by my staff clearly demonstrated to me that San Mateo County had indeed made a good choice when we selected your company as our new Inmate Service provider.

    The complex and technically challenging phased cut-over in service from our old vendor to your company was almost seamless. The disruption of telephone service to our correctional facilities during the cut-over was exceptionally well managed and virtually transparent. Without question, the smooth execution of the cut-over in service could not have occurred without the singular focus of your dedicated employees.

    San Mateo County
  • Customer Service - Technical Support

    Customer Service - Technical Support

    “Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s work world. The courtesy extended to me by your staff the last few month’s has been impressive because of its rarity. Such concern is refreshing and should become more widespread.”

    Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Call Management Systems - FBI Terrorism Task Force

    Call Management Systems - FBI Terrorism Task Force

    Our facility has become one of the FBI Terrorism Task Force regular sources of information. We have monitored and burn thousands of minutes of copies of phone calls of inmates connected to Al-Quida that has resulted in the identification of terrorism cells in the New York area. I just wanted you to know that our entire country has benefited from the inmate phone monitoring service we have. I am glad we made the change and it has enhanced our security at our facility.

    Grant County Detention Center
  • AIS Lorain

    AIS Lorain

    We are ecstatic!!” Ted sent me statistics for the first ten days:   3,743 phone calls from outside, 139 from inmates.  Total time for outside calls was 5,628 minutes. Our deputies love it, so I love it. We’re now saving two officer’s worth of time!

    Lorain County Correctional Facility
  • Auto PIN - Flawless Reliability

    Auto PIN - Flawless Reliability

    Since activating the Securus auto-pin application well over a year ago, 'I've have had no issues whatsoever. In fact it has been flawless. Thanks to your technical team. the implementation was very smooth and it required minimal assistance from our staff.

    As you know, our Securus calling system typically processes over 2,000 calls per day thus our requirement for inmate PIN numbers to work reliably is very important to our operations and security. The investigative intelligence that is afforded to the Internal Affairs Division is priceless.

    As importantly, Allegheny County appreciates the time that the Securus team spends to insure that our system is always running at its peak If any of your other customers wish to hear how Securus has improved our operations and investigations, I would be more than glad to speak with them.

    Bureau of Corrections, County Of Alegheny Internal Affairs