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Direct Bill Account
A Direct Bill account is another payment product option. A Direct Bill account is an account that allows you to receive collect calls from inmates/offenders and have the charges billed directly to you each month from Securus Correctional Billing Services. This account is a good option if the inmate is in for longer than 2 years or if you are an attorney, bail bondsmen, consulate, social worker or other small business or government agency. With verification or approved credit, you can receive an itemized monthly statement from Securus Correctional Billing Services for your calls.

This account offers you the following benefits:

  • Itemized monthly statement of call activity*
  • You can receive all the calls you need to, up to your credit limit
  • You can add multiple phone numbers to your account to ensure you receive all your calls
  • Calls will connect to cell phones (subject to facility restrictions)
  • Your phone line is open as long as the account balance is paid in full by the due date
  • Many quick, convenient ways to pay your bill
  • No minimum payment amount
  • You have 24/7/365 access to your account through our automated phone system and website

Please Contact Us to open a new Direct Bill account. If you have received notice that this account was opened automatically for you, you will want to set up access to manage your account online.

To make a payment on your account:



Manage My Account


Mail in your money order or cashier's check, or visit any Western Union or MoneyGram agent location. See Available Payment Methods.

* A monthly bill processing charge of up to $2.49 may apply. Verification of ownership of the phone number, including corresponding physical address, may be required in place of a credit check.

A payment processing fee of up to $6.95 for credit/debit card payments made to Securus Correctional Billing Services (SCBS) over the phone or on the web may apply. This fee does not apply to payments made by mail or by using your online banking service through your bank. A payment processing fee may also apply for payments made through Western Union.

There is no minimum payment amount for payments made through SCBS. Your bill must be paid in full by the due date in order to continue receiving calls.

If you receive and accept state-to-state or international calls, you may also be charged a Federal Regulatory Recovery Fee of $3.49.

Alaska Residents: No credit check is required for Direct Bill accounts.

Late or non-payment of your Direct Bill invoice may result in your telephone number being blocked from receiving calls and may also restrict your ability to obtain future credit. Securus may also take further collection action, including referral to a collection agency.