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In most correctional facilities, communication between the incarcerated and the outside word is heavily restricted. Traditionally, an inmate had only two communication options: make scheduled phone calls or wait for standard mail to be delivered. Although both of these options are certainly helpful, the result can be limited communication or a long wait to receive messages.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could initiate communication with your incarcerated loved one? Now you can – with Secure Instant Mail.

Secure Instant Mail is an electronic way for you to initiate communication with an incarcerated loved one. Except for standard mail, this is one of the only ways that you can start a conversation. Similar to sending a standard email, your communications are sent over the internet and delivered to inmates at their correctional facility. Your loved one will then have the opportunity to hand write a message back and that message will be sent electronically back to you.

Secure Instant Mail allows you to:

  • Initiate communication with an inmate
  • Remove the wait by receiving faster, more frequent responses
  • Communicate on your schedule

Getting started couldn’t be any easier!

Using any internet-connected computer, simply go to to create and fund your Secure Instant Mail account. Depending on the facility, you’ll then be able to send text and picture messages. Messages are downloaded by facility mailroom personnel, which if approved, are then distributed to the appropriate inmate. If you choose, you can also prepay for reply messages allowing your incarcerated loved one to easily type or write a reply.

Send messages on the go…

New with Secure Instant Mail is the ability to access all these same features right from your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to and the website will be automatically optimized for your mobile device!