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Inmate Debit Account
Inmate Debit is an inmate-owned prepaid calling account used by inmates to pay for telephone calls. Correctional facilities have the option of allowing inmates and/or friends & family to add money to Inmate Debit accounts. If allowed by the correctional facility, an inmate may transfer funds from their facility trust/commissary account into an Inmate Debit account via making a request through their commissary. If allowed by the correctional facility, friends & family members may deposit funds directly into an Inmate Debit account using convenient Securus points of sale listed below.

This account offers the following benefits:

  • Allows the inmate to call anyone on their approved calling list without requiring Friends & Family members to create separate prepaid accounts
  • Calls will connect to cell phones, subject to facility restrictions
  • Low minimum funding amount of only $25.00*
  • You have access to fund an inmate's Debit account through our website and customer service representatives

Funds placed in the Inmate Debit account will become the property of the inmate and Friends & Family members will not be able to receive refunds on this account. This product is currently available at limited facilities.

To fund an Inmate Debit account




Fund Your Inmate's Account Now


Mail in your money order or cashier’s check with a Remittance Slip, or visit any MoneyGram agent or FormFree® location. See Available Payment Methods.

* When you fund online; there is no minimum payment if you mail us a check using a remittance slip. A payment processing fee of up to $7.95 for credit/debit card payments made over the phone or on the web may apply. This fee does not apply to payments made by mail. When you fund an Inmate Debit account, the funds become property of the inmate. You will not be able to request a refund from an Inmate Debit account.