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Traditional Collect Account
The Traditional Collect Account is our standard payment product and is a convenient way to accept and pay for calls received. Call charges appear on your local phone bill.

This Account offers you the following benefits:

  • A Traditional Collect Account is created automatically for you when you accept a collect call
  • Your phone number is used as your Account number
  • Provides you with an individual 90-day rolling spending limit
  • Call charges appear on your local phone bill
  • You have 24/7/365 access to your account through our automated customer service IVR and website

With this option, you are assigned a 90-day rolling spending limit for your Traditional Collect account, and are subject to more rigorous controls. Each time you accept a collect call from an inmate, the charges are deducted from your available spending limit, and we submit those charges to your local telephone company to add to your local telephone bill. If you reach or exceed your spending limit during any rolling 90-day period, your Traditional Collect account will be temporarily blocked from receiving additional inmate calls. As the charges roll off and your balance drops back below the 90-day rolling spending limit, your account will be unblocked and you will be able to accept additional inmate calls up to the spending limit. Should you wish to receive inmate calls prior to waiting for your Traditional Collect account to be unblocked, you can contact us to establish an AdvanceConnect or Direct Bill account.

* A monthly bill statement fee of up to $3.49 may apply and will appear on your local phone bill. No fee will be assessed in any month in which no collect calls were accepted.

If you receive and accept state-to-state or international calls, you may also be charged a Federal Regulatory Recovery Fee of $3.49.