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Securus Announces Relationship with Swanson Commissary

Dallas, TX —/PRNewswire/-- Securus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inmate communications services, today is introducing a fully integrated inmate communications platform with Swanson Services Corporation. Swanson Services Corporation is a leading provider of end to end commissary and financial software used within corrections facilities nationwide.

The typical correctional facility environment will have the following systems or applications:

  • Inmate Telephone System which allows inmates to place collect or debit phone calls
  • Jail Management System which tracks the booking, releasing, and moving of inmates
  • Commissary and/or Trust Account system which allows inmates to purchase commissary items and related services

Managing inmate information in all three systems can be challenging. With the Securus/Swanson partnership, information is easily and seamlessly integrated throughout the different platforms, in real time. This automated information sharing helps prevent errors and allows facility staff to focus on other tasks. Other commissary and telephone providers rely solely on scheduled processes which can delay the transfer of important information, delay money being transferred between accounts, and cause errors in the overall booking and release process within correctional facilities.

The Securus/Swanson integration also provides facilities with multiple ways to implement popular products and services. Correctional facilities can take advantage of the inmate phone system to enable inmates to order commissary items without staff intervention and inmates can purchase phone time and manage their accounts in real time.

“The Securus/Swanson integration certainly demonstrates the power of services and technology leadership for both companies,” said Adam Edwards, Senior Product Development Manager for Securus’ Secure Call Platform (SCP). “When both providers are working hard for our customers, our customers always benefit.”

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