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Securus Announces a Licensing Agreement with JLG Technologies

Dallas, TX —/PRNewswire/-- Securus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inmate communications services, today announced it has signed a licensing agreement with JLG Technologies, LLC., a leading provider of telephone security technologies and investigative tools. The agreement will enable Securus to offer JLG’s latest Investigator Pro™ technology to Securus customers.

Investigator Pro analyzes recorded calls between inmates and called parties and detects suspicious behavior through voice printing and analysis. This powerful investigative tool also:

  • Identifies and exposes inmates who try to hide their identities to engage in criminal activity
  • Verifies the inmate’s identity as the call begins and continues to monitor this throughout the call
  • Helps stop inmates from stealing or sharing others’ Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
  • Alerts investigators if other inmates appear on the call
  • Enables investigators to intercept and prevent criminal activity before it occurs.

“We’re excited about extending our decade long relationship with JLG through a new licensing agreement,” said Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies. “Through this relationship, we will continue our tradition of giving our clients the very best investigative tools in the world for solving and preventing crimes—and safeguarding our communities.”

About Securus

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of detainee communications and information management solutions, serving approximately 2,400 correctional facilities and over 850,000 inmates nationwide. A recognized leader in providing comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer service, Securus’ sole focus is the specialized needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with regional offices in Carrollton and Allen, TX and Atlanta, GA. For more information please visit the Securus website at

About JLG Technologies

JLG Technologies, LLC was founded in 2005 to provide groundbreaking telephone security technologies and investigative tools to the corrections and law enforcement industry. Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, the company is dedicated to helping its customers reach and maintain an unprecedented new level of security and control over evolving patterns of inmate telephone-based crime. In 2005, JLG Technologies entered into a 10-year exclusive license with a leading U.S. research institution to leverage their U.S. Government-funded counter-terrorism criminal call detection technology. In August 2010, JLG Technologies’ breakthrough success in the corrections industry prompted the same research institution to extend this exclusive contract for an additional 10 years, through 2020.

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