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Florida Jail Traces Bomb Threat Using Securus Phone Technology

Dallas, TX —/PRNewswire/ -- Securus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inmate communications services, today announced that its technology was instrumental in finding the source of a bomb threat made near the Sarasota County Jail on August 16, 2010.  Using features within the inmate telephone system deployed by Securus Technologies, law enforcement personnel were able to quickly match phone records to a specific telephone within the jail, and then were able to identify the inmate involved by matching call detail information to video imagery on the jail video surveillance system.

The suspected inmate threatened to detonate 350 pounds of explosives at an office building near the county jail if his demands were not met. As a result, thanks to investigators and the inmate telephone system, he now faces three charges of making a false bomb report.

The Sarasota County Jail uses Securus’ Secure Call Platform (SCP) telephone system.  SCP is the leading platform in service today in correctional facilities and provides incarcerated individuals with telephone privileges so that they can maintain relationships with their loved ones.  The system also provides corrections officials with industry leading security features to make sure that calls are closely controlled to maintain public safety.  The digital technology provides premium sound quality which results in crystal clear recordings and other unique features to aid law enforcement in criminal investigations.  

“Securus’ technology was instrumental in helping us identify the suspect quickly and effectively,” said Lieutenant Blair Waller, Sarasota Corrections Operations Bureau. “Using SCP and video surveillance, officers were able to track the calls to the inmate in question almost immediately.”

“Securus is committed to helping correctional facilities reduce expenses, raise productivity, and provide industry-leading investigative tools,” said Josh Conklin, Securus’ Vice President of Sales. “It’s a rewarding feeling to know that our technology can do all these important things while keeping the public safe and identifying individuals who commit crimes—even those behind bars.”

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