Securus Technologies :: St. Helena’s Parish Installs New Inmate Calling System
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St. Helena’s Parish Installs New Inmate Calling System
Dallas, Texas – June 16, 2009

Securus Technologies, Inc. announced today that St. Helena’s Parish in Louisiana has contracted with them to install their Secure Call Platform inmate telephone system.  
St. Helena’s Parish has an average daily population of 50 inmates, and chose Securus Technologies based upon the following features:
  • The remote access capabilities of the user interface
  • The superior control the system provides the facility staff
  • The single point access to monitor the communications of the entire inmate population
Brennan Kelsey, a service provider hired by St. Helena’s Parish to manage and provide oversight of the inmate telephone contracts stated, “I did the market research and wanted a company who provided quality inmate telephone service with an outstanding telephone system that conformed to the ever changing needs of correctional facilities.”

Dan Mc Guinn, Sales Representative for Securus Technologies stated that St. Helena’s Parish “realized outstanding investigative benefits of the Securus calling platform.”

With the addition of St. Helena’s Parish, Securus Technologies provides service to 35 of 65 parishes in Louisiana.

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