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Securus Technologies, Inc. Announces Corrections Corporation of America Contract Renewal
Dallas, Texas – June 16, 2009/PR Newswire

Securus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inmate communication services and innovative Offender and Case Management software design, today announced that it signed a 5-year contract renewal that includes the installation, operation, and maintenance of a sophisticated, centralized inmate calling system for twenty-five of the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) facilities.

  • Executed on June 1, 2009, the contract is for a five (5) year term
  • The contract is worth over $19 million dollars annually
  • Includes the installation of Securus’ premier centralized Secure Call Platform (SCP) inmate calling system
  • The contract includes 25 facilities serving 33,000 inmates
  • The contract is one of the largest contracts ever signed with a private prison provider

The Corrections Corporation of America approved the five (5) year contract with Securus Technologies because of their long history of success with Securus’ inmate calling systems. “Working together with CCA for over 18 years has provided us with the knowledge to proactively anticipate their needs and provide cutting-edge products to serve those needs.  We understand the specific requirements of private prisons like CCA who have diverse populations and unique calling patterns,” stated Art Heckel, Vice President DOC and Private Prisons, for Securus Technologies.

In addition, CCA officials were impressed with the capabilities of the state-of-the-art centralized SCP digital system that is Securus’ flagship product.  The SCP system includes secure telephones that will digitally record and monitor inmate calls, and which allows investigators to also monitor calls.  The system’s anywhere, anytime capabilities will increase the effectiveness of investigative personnel and will allow administrative personnel to securely access the system 24-7 from any location.  “This new capability will increase the administrative staff’s operating efficiencies and the ability of the investigators to solve crimes,” added John Viola, Executive Vice President of Sales for Securus Technologies.

About Corrections Corporation of America

Corrections Corporation of America is the nation’s industry leader of privately managed corrections solutions for federal, state and local government.  Established in 1983, CCA founded the private corrections industry.  We manage, design, build and own more than 64 correctional facilities and detention centers from coast to coast, in small cities, metropolitan areas and destinations in between.  With nearly 17,000 corrections professionals, CCA provides high-quality rehabilitation, security, vocational, educational, health care and administrative services to the more than 75,000 residents in our care.  A seamless and successful example of the public-private partnership in action, CCA achieves proven, accountable corrections solutions responsive to the needs of today’s national, regional and local correctional climate.
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About Securus Technologies, Inc.

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of detainee communications and information management solutions, serving approximately 2,400 correctional facilities nationwide. A recognized leader in providing comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer service, Securus’ sole focus is the specialized needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with regional offices in Carrollton and Allen, TX; and Atlanta, GA.  For more information please visit the Securus website at

Syscon Holdings, Ltd., our wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a world leader in innovative Offender and Case Management Software design and delivery. Syscon’s Elite and Exact systems offer management functionality from booking and legal documentation through trust accounting, commissary, and medical records to the management of parole and other forms of community supervision. Syscon’s systems have been implemented in many States and large Counties across North America, in Australia and in England. Syscon solutions help manage more than 300,000 inmates and former inmates every day.  For more information about Syscon, please visit

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