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Securus Technologies Releases the Western Union® Auto Pay Agent&trade Kiosk
Securus Technologies, Inc.
DALLAS, TX August 28, 2008

Securus Technologies, Inc., one of the correctional industry’s largest telecommunications providers, has released a new way for friend’s & family members to fund their accounts. Friend’s and family members of inmates, at qualifying facilities, will now have the option to use a multi-purpose kiosk that is supported by Securus, Western Union and USBank.

“Partnering with Western Union, one of the world’s most recognized brands for payment processing and USBank the 6th Largest Bank in the United States, allowed us to produce a money handling kiosk that’s hard to match”, stated Luke Keiser Director Corporate Development for Securus Technologies.

Placed in facility lobbies or visitation areas, Securus’ new Western Union Auto Pay Agent allows users to fund prepaid phone and inmate trust accounts. Typically facilities take cash and credit card payments at their cash windows. Cash windows have always been a liability and labor concern for facilities that operate them. With the Auto Pay Agent kiosk accepting cash, credit and debit cards, many facilities will be able to close their cash windows and reassign personnel to more critical areas. If facility access is available, the kiosk allows users to fund their accounts 24/7, 365 days per year.

“One of the issues many facilities have with a kiosk is down time,” stated Stuart Rosenfield, the Product Manager for the program. “As with any mechanical device, breakdowns are inevitable and that’s where most kiosks fail. Closing your cash window and then having your kiosk go down is a nightmare for a facility. Having ́Elan (a division of USBank) as a partner, provides us with a company that is used to supporting kiosks and ATMS. Supporting over 40,000 units across the country, ́Elan’s kiosks are some of the most reliable units in the field. When there is an issue, ́Elan’s remote monitoring system provides some of the best response times in the industry (guaranteed 4-6 hour response).”

Securus is offering their new funding enabler to select facilities in targeted markets for the initial release. Release 2.0, expected in November 2008, will open up additional areas of the country to this innovative new tool.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company’s worldwide support network includes: Offices in Vancouver, Canada, Raleigh, North Carolina, Sydney, Australia and London, England; Customer Support Centers in Dallas, TX, Brantford, Ontario, Antigua and Mexico City, Mexico. The company also has Network Operating Centers in Dallas, & Carrolton, Texas and Application Redundancy Backup Systems in Allen & Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

J. Sidler
Sr. Director
Marketing Communications & Research

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