Securus Technologies :: Securus Announces Exclusive Partnership with Guarded Exchange for Investigative Monitoring Services
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Securus Announces Exclusive Partnership with Guarded Exchange for Investigative Monitoring Services
DALLAS, TX /PRNewswire/ -- Securus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inmate communications services, today announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with Guarded Exchange to provide the industry’s only investigative call monitoring service.  Securus Technologies now offers Guarded Exchange’s communications monitoring and audit services as an enhancement to its Secure Call Platform and THREADS™ investigative application.

Guarded Exchange’s highly trained agents, many of whom are former corrections or law enforcement officers, monitor phone calls recorded on inmate telephone systems to detect and gather intelligence on suspicious and illegal activities.  This service extends the reach of criminal investigators, the Inspector General, and correctional administrators who are typically understaffed given the millions of recorded phone calls which must be monitored each month.

“Guarded Exchange solves a huge security gap in the volumes of unmonitored phone calls and communication events,” said Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy for Securus Technologies.  “This service supports our efforts to provide proactive tools that detect suspicious, criminal, and fraudulent activity between inmates and outside parties.”

The investigative and monitoring services Guarded Exchange provides to a correctional facility are not limited to inmate phone calls.  The services can also be used for other communication events such as inmate email, video visitation sessions, and deposits.

“We are excited to partner with Securus Technologies.  Our success in Missouri has really uncovered how critical this solution can be to the corrections industry,” said Steve Dean, Chief Executive Officer for Guarded Exchange.  “From the crimes we’ve helped prevent, to the crimes we’ve helped solve, our solution fills a crucial need in the industry during these tough budgetary times.”

About Securus

Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest providers of detainee communications and information management solutions, serving approximately 2,200 correctional facilities and more than 850,000 inmates nationwide. A recognized leader in providing comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer service, Securus' sole focus is the specialized needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, TX, including four regional offices in the Dallas metro area as well as one in Atlanta, GA. For more information please visit the Securus website at

About Guarded Exchange

Since 2003, Guarded Exchange is the nation’s only corrections communications monitoring service.  A certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Guarded Exchange utilizes special agents trained to detect suspicious activities uncovered in recorded calls, emails and video messages from inmates and their friends and family members.  Guarded Exchange is headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri. For more information, please visit the Guarded Exchange website at