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At Securus, we’re committed to connecting what matters. Securus provides leading communications solutions for the corrections industry. Specifically, we install and centrally manage state-of-the-art call management and communications systems for use by correctional facilities, and offer a variety of convenient payment products and services to inmates, and their friends and family members.

Chief industry groups—correctional facilities, inmates, and friends and family members of inmates—derive unique and specialized value from our innovative technology and communications offerings: by connecting what matters to facility personnel, we help them generate more revenue, increase productivity, and inspire satisfied voters—while supporting a safer corrections setting; and by connecting what matters to inmates, and their friends and family members, we help them stay in touch with the people and information they care about—with greater ease and independence.

Our focus on enabling effective communications between key corrections constituents distinguishes Securus from the pack—and contributes to our reputation as the number one choice for communications solutions in the corrections industry.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus employs approximately 800employees who serve approximately 2,200 correctional facilities in 44 states and over 850,000 inmates nationwide. With more than 67 industry patents and more than 40 pending, we’re also the industry’s leading innovator.

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