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History of Securus
For over 25 years, corrections industry constituents—facilities, inmates, and the friends and family members of inmates—have relied on Securus and its predecessor organizations for communications solutions designed to fulfill their specialized needs. We are a national leader today because we have demonstrated a commitment to exceeding their expectations throughout our history.

As we enter our next quarter of a century of achievement, we will continue to build our story by connecting what matters to our partners and customers.

Explore our timeline

Securus history includes the merger of numerous predecessor firms. Read our timeline below to learn more about our history:

1986— T-Netix, Inc. began under the name Tele-Matic Corporation, which was incorporated in 1986.

1988— Tele-Matic merged with Star Ventures, Inc.

1992— T-Netix, Inc. acquired eight affiliated companies in the inmate phone business and the inmate phone business assets of two other companies.

1996—Evercom Systems, Inc., formerly Talton Holdings, was incorporated. Over the next several years, Evercom grew through acquisition. The company acquired several inmate telephone service providers across the United States with a strategy built on becoming the leading correctional industry telecom provider to facilities nationwide.

2004— On March 5, H.I.G. Capital, a Miami-based private equity firm with more than $1 billion of equity capital under management, purchased the outstanding shares of T-Netix, Inc. common stock.

2004—September 9, H.I.G. Capital acquired all outstanding Evercom stock. The merger of the two correctional industry giants—T-Netix, Inc. and Evercom Systems, Inc., formed the company, Securus Technologies, Inc.