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Imagine no longer having to move inmates, service long lines of visitors, and manually manage visitation schedules. What types of efficiencies could be gained by eliminating these burdensome tasks? Could you increase focus on safety and security of inmates, your officers, and the public that you serve? Could operating expenses be reduced by providing jail officials with a more convenient way to visit with an inmate? Could budget shortfalls be resolved by creating a new revenue stream?

With Securus Video Visitation,
all of these things are possible.

Securus Video Visitation is a fully web-based visitation system that allows friends, family members, attorneys, and public officials to schedule and participate in video visitation sessions with an inmate from any PC connected to the internet. This is a convenient alternative to traveling to the correctional facilities for traditional on-site visitation.
The software is modular and cloud based; with a full featured administrative interface to give corrections officials complete control of the who, what, and when. In addition, staff can benefit from the automated scheduling process for both remote and on-site visits and increase investigative capabilities through detailed reporting and audit trails.

Securus Video Visitation is the most robust scheduling software available to the corrections market. The easy-to-use interface allows friends, family members, attorneys, and other visitors to easily schedule visits from any PC connected to the internet. Before being able to schedule a visit, the user must first submit user information as well as photo identification. This allows your staff to have full control over who is allowed to schedule a visit and also gives you the ability to restrict users based on behavioral issues.
The scheduling platform is completely integrated with your Jail Management System ensuring that a visit is only scheduled during available timeslots.

Live Monitoring & Recording
One of the primary advantages of implementing Securus Video Visitation is the ability to live monitor and record visits. This capability will not only create new investigative opportunities, but can also have a real impact on reducing violence within jail walls. It gets better. Through the Securus Video Visitation interface, jail staff can easily flag visits for later investigative review and lock down recordings from being purged after the standard retention window expires.

Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce inmate movement for visitations
  • Eliminate contraband from entering the facility
  • Reduce visitation center traffic
Reduced Costs
  • Save on the labor cost of inmate visitations
  • Enhance visitation hours with no added costs
  • Electronically deliver inmate information
Generate Revenue
  • Earn revenue on home visits
  • Earn revenue on attorney visits