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" “ I would like to take the opportunity to express my satisfaction with the inmate phone and monitoring system we obtained from you. It has been a very easy system to operate, especially since it could be configured to work with our current inmate commissary program. Furthermore, the monitoring system has been instrumental in assisting us to solve or otherwise satisfactorily conclude several criminal investigations." "
Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office
Communications Management is core to most facility operations. It effects revenues, safety, overcrowding and has a direct impact on inmates, friends and family members and staff well being.

Secure Call Platform™ (SCP) call management system is the heart of our Communications Management solution. The system provides Securus clients with the benefit of operating on a centralized digital network that offers a multitude of advantages:

  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY - Control any inmate phone from anywhere in the country
  • GREATER CONTROL - Instantaneous facility on-site control over investigations, communications, inmate activities, identifications and notifications.
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCIES - You can now manage all your facilities, operations, investigations, and reporting centrally with one single point of access from anywhere in the world, any time!.
  • INCREASED CONVENIENCE - Anywhere, anytime access to all system controls whether in the facility or outside the facility walls, provides investigators and administrators with the ability to access most any file, task, feature, 24 x 7, 365 days per year.
  • ENHANCED CRIME FIGHTING ABILITIES - Remote monitoring, single point access and evidentiary artifacts linking criminal activity inside and outside the facility walls make SCP one of the best tools in the industry.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY ABILITIES - SCP’s centralized platform minimizes the loss of data due to local disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and from localized system failures such as hard drive malfunctions and software corruptions.
  • FUTURE PROOF DESIGN - Your system stays cutting edge because we can update the technology multiple times per year, efficiently, and with quality.

To learn more about this program, call your local Securus Territory Manager or contact us at:

Our Technology:



    Our Secure Call Platform (SCP) took years of development time and millions of dollars to complete. Its intricate patented structure is comprised of a robust data repository housing multiple data marts each holding billions of bytes of stored information gathered from multiple sources. The architecture’s intelligent retrieval system intelligently retrieves all this information and processes all user requests through a unique, cross application, cross data-mart retrieval process that provides a depth and richness of information that is impossible to produce from individual applications.


    Our Secure Connect Network™ (SCN) is one of the few net centric, VoIP, digital transmitted systems that cover the full expanse of the communications spectrum in the industry. This industry leading network allows complete on-the-fly turn-on/ turn-off flexibility for most telecommunication system features; 24 x 7 offsite monitoring; immediate system upgrades and repairs from one central location; no fear or liability of losing valuable and irreplaceable data because of local disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, localized security breaches.


    Although our system architecture is one of the most complex in the industry, our S-GATE™ single-point, user interface provides a simple to use portal, to all programs, applications and services. The logically laid out user interface allows the facility to run its entire operation from a single point of entry, anywhere...anytime.

Fraud Prevention Programs

To assure each facility is protected from all types of fraud; Securus provides partnering facilities with multiple Fraud Prevention Programs. Each is custom designed to inhibit specific fraudulent activity. The primary fraud prevention programs available include:

  • 3-Way Detection
    Securus’ three-way call detection feature—an integrated investigative and fraud detection capability within our Secure Call Platform (SCP)—equips correctional facilities with a comprehensive and effective solution for detecting and terminating three-way calls. Our solution combines patented technology, near perfect accuracy, and an array of industry leading capabilities proven to be successful in combating three-way calls.
    Capability Means to Correctional Facility

    Flexible configuration options
    Securus’ three way call detection feature has the ability to:

    • Disconnect the call with messaging to the inmate and the called party

    • Mark the call without warning and allow it to proceed with no interruption
    • Warn the inmate that third-party calls are not allowed, and permit the call to continue
    Flexible configuration options allow investigators to tailor system settings to accommodate a broad range of investigative tactics: from the close watch of one phone number or a targeted group of numbers, to a broader observation of an entire group of phones or a facility-wide inspection.

    Flexible configuration on/off controls
    Additionally, three-way call detection on/off controls can be configured at numerous levels within the system. For example, the feature can be enabled or disabled by:

    • Phone number or group of phone numbers
    • Inmate
    • Account number
    • Phone
    • Phone group
    • Facility
    • Entire customer enterprise
    See above—more flexible configuration options = more investigative control.
    Detailed investigative reports
    Regardless of the configuration, Securus’ three-way call detection feature flags three-way calling events in call detail records (CDRs).
    Authorized facility personnel are able to conduct searches based on any configuration option—by phone number, inmate, account number, phone, phone group, facility, or globally—and pull detailed reports that allow review of three-way calling events.
    Three-way call detection prior to call acceptance
    Securus’ three-way detection feature identifies both pre- and post-accepted calls. This means—in addition to identifying a three way call after it has been accepted by the called party—our feature can also detect a three way event that occurs in the following manner:
    • An inmate places a call to an outside party
    • The outside party answers the call, and places the inmate on hold
    • The outside party calls another party, clicks back to the inmate, takes them off hold—and accepts the call.

    Typically, three-way detection systems identify three-way calling events after a call has been accepted by a called party.

    With Securus’ three-way call detection capability, calls placed pre- and post-acceptance are identified, enabling facilities to detect more calls—even if the called party purposely delays acceptance to try and avoid detection.

    Separate talk paths
    Securus’ three-way call detection feature uses Secure Call Platform (SCP) controls to isolate each side of a phone conversation. The platform uses separate bridges for each side of the call—one for the inmate’s talk path, and one for the called party’s talk path.
    Separate talk paths enable greater accuracy in detecting three-way calling events. For example, it’s not unusual for an inmate to blow into the phone, hum, or tap the telephone handset receiver in an attempt to mask a three-way call. These obstructive tactics do not affect the accuracy of Securus’ three-way detection, since both talk paths are isolated from one another.
    Superior digital call quality
    Securus’ three way call detection feature utilizes SCP’s digital signaling to deliver near perfect sound quality.
    Most premise-based systems still utilize the older, non-digital analog signaling. With this older technology, it’s sometimes difficult to hear one or both sides of a conversation, detect background conversations, identify call forwarding, or detect three-way calls due to its lower sound quality. By providing digital call quality, Securus is able to deliver a higher level of sound quality, helping facilities detect more fraud—including three way calls.
    As an additional safety measure to protect sound quality, Securus uses private circuits within our private network to transmit calls. By using our private network, rather than the Internet, a public network, we are able to allocate the optimal level of bandwidth to ensure and maintain superior call quality.

  • Digital Tone Multi-Frequency Detection
    Digital Tone Multi-Frequency Detection prevents inmates from dialing digits after the call is connected. SCP provides real-time inmate call monitoring that prevents attempts to obtain a secondary dial tone. The system disallows additional digit dialing once the inmate has completed the dialing sequence and the called party has accepted the call.
  • Real Time Call Forwarding Detection
    Securus’ Remote Call Forwarding detection technology is the industry’s only solution capable of detecting and disconnecting a call forwarding event in real time during the call. This technology prevents inmates from carrying out call-diversion schemes, otherwise known as “*72 or *74 fraud,” essentially “hijack” a victim’s phone number. This patented technology—spotting forwarded calls as they are placed—is exclusively available on Securus’ Secure Call Platform (SCP). Facilities that deploy this feature have the option of terminating a forwarded call before the connection occurs; or flagging a forwarded call for future investigation. This technology has identified these fraudulent calls with 99% accuracy through the use of its Remote Call Forwarding detection capability

Investigation Features

Identifying patterns, cross-hatching, real time alerts, and the ability to access dossiers from any location at anytime are all part of a successful investigation. Securus' Base Investigative features provide one of the first investigative intersections of jail management and call management systems in the industry. Investigators are provided a comprehensive set of data, combined with integrated applications to enable the recognition of patterns.

These new capabilities enable investigators to collect evidence that assists in preventing and solving crimes. The SCP investigative feature set includes:

  • Remote access
  • Single point of access for all applications, investigations, and operations
  • Real Time, Remote Call Alerts
  • Real Time E-Mail Alerts
  • Live Monitoring Local and Remote
  • Scan Patrol
  • Access to Comprehensive System Logs
  • Pattern Dialing reporting
  • Most Comprehensive Call Detail Reports in the industry!
  • Add and Share notes on calls
  • Build investigative notebooks
  • Auto Investigator, spotting key words
  • Anonymous two way communication
  • Informant Line
  • PREA System
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup