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In many facilities, communication between the incarcerated and the outside world has been difficult to manage and highly restrictive. Traditionally, an inmate had only two communication options: make scheduled calls or wait for standard mail delivery. This has resulted in overburdened facility mailrooms making them a potential entry point for contraband and the distribution of coded messages. Until now.

Secure Instant Mail is an electronic way for friends & family to quickly initiate communication with their incarcerated loved one. Similar to e-mail, messages are sent over the internet and delivered to your facility. Unlike tradition e-mail, the secure system automatically reviews and audits every letter and alerts you of any communications that might warrant additional investigator review.

Secure Instant Mail can:

  • Improve operating efficiencies resulting in happier inmates and frees up staff time to focus on other tasks and projects
  • Increase investigative capabilities - Secure Instant Mail automatically scans for keywords, translates multiple languages to English, and archives inmate correspondence for easy investigator review
  • Reduce the distribution of contraband Since all correspondence is automatically screened, the distribution of drugs and other contraband is significantly reduced
  • Reduce the strain on staff resources the software eliminates the need to X-ray incoming mail, as well as the need to open, remove, and reinsert letter content

Better still, Secure Instant Mail turns your mailroom into a profit center!

If you would like to learn more about Secure Instant Mail, contact your local Securus Account Manager or email us at