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GUARDIAN RFID Correction System
GUARDIAN RFID Correction System
Reliability and performance are critical in corrections. The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System is proven to help today’s corrections professionals maximize their compliance and defensibility requirements with a next-generation Correctional Compliance™ software system.

Exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association, the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System combines three products in one: offender management + guard tour + communication. As the only system of its kind built to work with your existing jail, records, or offender management system, GUARDIAN more closely—and completely--meets the growing demands made on today's correctional officers, while offering command staff the operational visibility they need.

Securus partnering facilities will find a powerful, completely customizable RFID system to automate a wide range of workflows and reporting requirements. This includes: hourly patrols (cell checks, security checks, and perimeter checks); comprehensive, 100% touchscreen point-of-responsibility data collection modules; RFID wristband support for inmate tracking; and easy to access Web-based reports powered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System is ideal for county corrections, city jails, state and federal facilities, juvenile detention facilities, and private correctional facilities.