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Securus’ Voice Biometrics uses advanced voiceprint and speaker verification technology to match a sample of the inmate’s voice with their assigned PIN to prevent fraudulent calls from ever connecting. Compared to competing biometrics products, Securus’ Voice Biometrics is the only product in the industry that will prevent fraudulent calls from ever connecting. Voice Biometrics does not require new hardware or software because it works with our existing Secure Call Platform (SCP™).

Securus has deployed Voice Biometrics for more than seven years in Local, County, and State correctional institutions identifying more than 50,000 inmates a day. As one of the largest deployed voice biometric inmate identification systems in use today, facilities can be assured that Securus’ Voice Biometrics is time-tested for accuracy and will withstand the challenges of the correctional environment.

In addition, Securus’ Voice Biometrics is a proactive security system and works without human involvement, eliminating the need to monitor screens or maintain other biometric equipment damaged by the inmate population.

Voice Biometrics allows authorized officers the capability to listen to the inmate voice print’s and enrollments, reset the voice print to allow the inmate to re-enroll into the system or disable the inmate from using Voice Biometrics, all through our easily accessed, S-Gate portal, anytime, anywhere. All of the standard investigative tools are available on all Voice Biometrics enabled calls.

By implementing Voice Biometrics, you:

  • Improve facility safety
  • Limit PIN theft
  • Reduce inmate conflicts
  • Increase investigative capabilities by having a voice match on file
  • Lower your facility’s liability for inmate telephone fraud
Securus’ Voice Biometrics helps control costs, reduce fraud, and decrease facility liability all by knowing the identity of the inmate making the phone call.

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