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Commissary Order By Phone
Does it ever feel like your job includes everything but maintaining the security and order inside your facility? It’s easy to feel this way when you’re bombarded with questions from inmates and Friends & Family over and over or when you’re trying to handle complaints. Of course then there’s also the time you spend taking inmate orders for commissary products. No matter what your current process might be, chances are good that inmates are still dissatisfied with the current schedule you offer them to order items. They want you to give them greater schedule flexibility and increased frequency. Now you can… without eating up your valuable time.

Commissary Order by Phone is a convenient way for inmates to order commissary items using the inmate phone system already installed. This reduces the manpower needed to manually process orders and frees up your facility staff to work on other important tasks. Not only can you reallocate staff time, you enable an additional commission-generating point of purchase option for your commissary.

How Commissary Order by Phone Works:

  1. Facility directs inmates with commissary requests to automated phone system
  2. Inmate goes to facility phone and dials a designated number
  3. Call connects to the commissary automated system
  4. Inmate places order using keypad on phone
  5. Order is confirmed and total amount (including convenience fees) is deducted from inmate account
By Implementing Commissary Order by Phone, You Can:
  • Reduce the staff time required to manually process orders and handle complaints
  • Increase facility commissions by creating a new point of purchase opportunity for your commissary
  • Improve inmate satisfaction by offering a flexible, more frequent ordering process
  • Deploy limited resources elsewhere
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